Military-Grade Duffle Bag in Seattle WA

Bubba Goose Design Launches Its Latest Bubba Goose Bag

Bubba Goose Design has released its latest military-grade duffle bag, the Bubba Goose Bag. The duffle bag is a unique new take on the classic weekender duffel bag with a technical twist. The duffle bag arrives in a white and criss-cross design with the United States of America flag in a miniature size placed on the lateral side.

The Bubba Goose Duffel is highly durable, hand sewn, and made of 90 percent recycled materials. The duffle bag is also made from military grade 1000 denier DuPont Cordura, Kevlar-reinforced nylon laminate, and cutting-edge RX30 fabric. Despite the added durability, the duffle bag is lightweight as it is only 1.1 lbs. The duffle bag features exterior velcro patches for consumers to place cards in and a Texas leather shoulder strap liner with buckles. There are also two zippered exterior pockets, an extra large #10 YKK zipper, and leather zipper pulls. The Bubba Goose Duffel is available for purchase.

Image Credit: Bubba Goose Design
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 — April 18, 2023 — Fashion