About Us

Bubba Goose Design is a soft goods design and manufacturing company based in Seattle Washington.

It's focus is high quality goods made in Seattle with an emphasis on military grade construction, using upcycled materials from the outdoor and military soft goods manufacturing industry.

The founder and lead designer of Bubba Goose Design is Delian Scudder. He brings decades of US Military and Outdoor product design and manufacturing experience to the table.

Delian has a long history of soft goods design and in-house manufacturing in Seattle dating back to the early 90’s. He began sewing and patternmaking as a teenager and never gave up on his dream of becoming a top designer in the outdoor industry.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry and remains active as a contractor. Many of his bag designs for the US Marine Corps are still in production and used daily by troops around the world. 

Delian is a strong supporter of keeping local jobs and in-house manufacturing thriving. By keeping manufacturing close to home, it guarantees the highest quality and allows him to pivot quickly as demand and designs change. Over the years he has personally witnessed dozens of outdoor companies shut down their in-house production and take manufacturing offshore. Some survived, some did not. The local manufacturing employees always suffer the greatest losses.

As an avid outdoorsmen and consummate traveler Delian personally uses his own equipment. His design philosophy, which is often overlooked in the industry, is “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Every product is scrutinized and re-designed over and over until it fits just right. Pairing it down to it’s minimalist form and making it extra durable are characteristics he’s well known for.

His product testing methods may seem unorthodox, but they are effective. From leaving bags out in the sun for 2 years, to filling them with sand and throwing them off a cliff, to dragging them behind a truck down a logging road, brutal durability testing is a key component to his product designs. If he thinks it’s tough enough, he makes it stronger. From ultra technical laminate fabrics made in Maine to heavyweight bonded nylon thread made in Texas. Nothing is overlooked and nothing is taken for granted.


“Form, fit and function” is my mantra.  -Delian Scudder